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Statement on behalf of Belfast City Council’s Strategic Policy & Resources Committee

11 Jul 2019
At a meeting of Belfast City Council’s Strategic Policy & Resources Committee, Members were updated that a PSNI investigation is underway at Avoniel Leisure Centre following a complaint of aggravated trespass.

Members agreed to establish an all-party working group, reporting to the SP&R committee, to put in place a framework to achieve more effective management of bonfires. They also expressed a need for further robust dialogue with other agencies on the issue of bonfires, including concerns around the involvement of paramilitaries in some cases.

The committee reiterated its support for the PSNI to take action against those committing and orchestrating aggravated trespass at Avoniel. Members again expressed their concern about the involvement of the east Belfast UVF in the unlawful occupation of the Avoniel site.
Belfast City Hall