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Good relations is everyone’s business

20 Sep 2019
Belfast City Council launched its new Good Relations Strategy and PEACE IV Culture Café Events programme today, Friday 20 September at Crumlin Road Gaol. 

The new strategy outlines a vision for progressing community and race relations in Belfast. It will act as a companion to the Belfast Agenda, the Community Plan for the city, and will provide a framework to deliver a shared city which delivers inclusive growth, leaving no-one behind.

In line with the Belfast Agenda and the Local Development Plan, the new Good Relations Strategy provides a framework for city leaders to think strategically about good relations, and place it at the heart of regeneration and city development.

A series of Culture Café events will take place over the coming months, with the first African Community event taking place on 1 October. People are invited to learn and experience different cultures by meeting hosts in a small group to gain a new understanding of their culture and heritage through conversation. For more information and to register to attend, please visit

Launching the strategy today, the Lord Mayor, Councillor John Finucane said: “As a new Council, elected in May this year, the launch of this strategy is a statement of our intent on how we wish to lead the city.”

He added: “Good Community and Race Relations are essential for a healthy and safe city. This new strategy seeks to create the environment for continued progress, as we carry on our journey away from the conflict and divisions of the past, to a more peaceful and prosperous future. 

“We believe that this new strategy will enable us all to play our part in building a better city for residents and visitors alike, where our different identities can be a strength and our diverse cultural traditions can all be part of our collective cultural wealth; a city where everyone has an equal place and where no-one is left behind.”

For more information, go to
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