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Council encouraging businesses to clean up their act

6 Nov 2019
Belfast City Council is encouraging businesses right across the city to clean up their act and sign up to its Belfast Litter Pledge aimed at making the city a cleaner more welcoming place to live, visit and invest.

By signing up to the council’s new litter campaign, businesses will commit to:

• Maintaining a litter free environment around their premises
• Encouraging staff not to litter and to advise them about the Litter Pledge
• Reducing the amount of waste generated by their business and to dispose of it correctly
• Report fly tipping to the council.

The council’s Belfast Agenda wants to see a thriving city, attracting visitors, shoppers and investment.

Councillor Michael Collins, Chair of the People and Communities Committee is encouraging businesses to embrace the challenge and to sign up to the Council’s Litter Pledge.

He said: “Right across Belfast people are working hard to make our city an attractive place to live, work and invest. First impressions are very important and that’s why we are challenging local businesses to take pride in their appearance and show that they care for their locality by signing up to our Belfast Litter Pledge.

“Not only does it set a good example to others, it could benefit overall business performance by encouraging more footfall through their doors.”

In order to help businesses on their Litter Pledge journey, Council will provide a support service to advise businesses of the benefits of being more litter aware and will also provide a free litter kit containing litter picks, dustpans, brushes, gloves, window stickers and pocket ash trays to help get started.

Businesses have a responsibility to look after and maintain the area around their premises and failing to do so could result in a legal notice being served of £110.

The campaign has been welcomed by Belfast City Centre Management. Niall Burke, Business Liaison Officer, Belfast City Centre Management said: “Belfast City Centre Management is a keen supporter of Belfast City Council’s next phase of their anti-litter campaign. We believe that creating a clean and vibrant city for everyone to enjoy is of the upmost importance and the Belfast Business Litter Pledge is a great initiative to encourage a collaborative effort for tackling litter and creating a positive image of our city. “

The new campaign will also reinforce the message that throwing away litter will result in an on the spot £80 fine.

For more information and to sign your business up to the Belfast Litter Pledge visit our website at
Councillor Michael Collins (right) is joined by Niall Burke, Belfast City Centre Management Business Liaison Officer at the launch of the council’s new Belfast Litter Pledge for businesses campaign. Chair of Belfast City Council’s People and Communities Committee, Councillor Michael Collins launches the council’s new Belfast Litter Pledge for businesses. The next phase of Belfast City Council’s anti-litter campaign has been launched, the Belfast Litter Pledge