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Belfast Lord Mayor reiterates plea for people to stay at home over Easter weekend

9 Apr 2020

As we approach Easter weekend, Belfast Lord Mayor Councillor Daniel Baker has reiterated his plea for people to stay at home.

“We’ve had sunny weather this week and it might be tempting to think that’s it’s ok to go and visit family just this once because it’s Easter, or have a day trip – but it’s not ok. There can’t be any exceptions,” said Councillor Baker.

“This is an absolutely critical time for our health service and we all must play our part in helping to reduce the spread of Covid19, and protect our frontline workers who are risking their own health to provide care for people’s families and loved ones.”

He added: “I would appeal to everyone to stay at home, stay safe, and help save lives. If you are going out for a daily walk or run, or visiting your local park, it is absolutely vital that you follow the rules on social distancing. I would also appeal to parents – please know where your children are. This is not the time for any relaxation of the rules and we have seen from the news reports that all ages are susceptible to this virus, and anyone can spread this virus.

“I understand how challenging it is to be self-isolating and apart from our wider family and friends - especially for those who are living on their own or who may be more vulnerable – but we need to stick to the rules, we can’t give up now.

“I want to say again – you are not alone. We are all in this together.”

Lord Mayor of Belfast