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‘Share, Respect, Enjoy’ call for the Comber Greenway

9 Aug 2016
Helping everyone enjoy the Comber Greenway – the One Path Initiative is funded by the Department for Infrastructure and three local Councils

In order to improve everyone’s experience of the Greenway, the three Councils through which the route traverses – Ards and North Down, Belfast City, and Lisburn & Castlereagh City Councils – have joined forces with the, landowner, the Department for Infrastructure to fund a pilot project. The One Path Initiative is being delivered by Sustrans, the walking and cycling charity, to encourage better relations between path users. 

Rachael Ludlow-Williams, from Sustrans explained: “The principle behind the initiative is to create a positive culture for everyone to ‘share, respect and enjoy’ the path. We have learned a lot through giving people a forum to discuss the issues such as speeding cyclists and dogs off lead. We know the vast majority of people want to share the path and that’s what we want to encourage.”

Andrew Grieve, Head of the Cycling Unit in the Department for Infrastructure said: “The One Path Initiative emphasises the shared responsibility of everyone who uses our greenways to do so with care, courtesy and consideration for each other. It fits in with the Department’s Bicycle Strategy and will increase the enjoyment of the greenway for everyone.”

Belfast Lord Mayor, Brian Kingston said: “It is about respect for others and working together to ensure everyone is a little more considerate of the environment around us - the path is for us all to enjoy because the Greenway is a wonderful asset.”
To find out more contact Rachael at Sustrans on 028 90434569 or see the website