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New neighbourhood play area for Sliabh Dubh

4 Sep 2017
A new play park and recreation area has opened in west Belfast’s Sliabh Dubh area thanks to a partnership by Belfast City Council, local residents, Radius Housing Association and the Department of Communities.

A previously underused green space has been transformed into an invaluable community asset which will be enjoyed by the 500+ residents.

The development provides a much needed safe community space for a multitude of uses to include children’s play workshops, football tournaments, adult health and well-being classes and community festival events. 

It took nine years in challenging circumstance to deliver the new play area on the ground with the £110,000 construction costs being funded by the Department of Communities. Radius Housing looked after procurement, design and construction and Belfast City Council has agreed to take over the long term management and maintenance of the play area.

The play and recreation space which provides bitmac and wet pour playing surfaces, fixed football posts, basketball nets and an exclusive junior play space

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