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Beat the Burglar

14 Sep 2017
Residents in Belfast are being given a helping hand to ‘Beat the Burglar’ with free packs being delivered to homes.

The packs developed by the Belfast Policing and Community Safety Partnership (BPCSP) were launched at Belfast City Hall today (Wednesday, 13 September).

They contain items including personal attack alarm, ultra-violet marking kits, plug-in timers as well as window and door alarms for residents to install are being given out to vulnerable groups and to victims of burglary.

West Belfast District PCSP Chair, Alderman Brian Kingston, said: “Burglary is not just about losing precious or costly goods – it is the long term effect of not feeling safe in your own home that is so debilitating - so anything that can be done to prevent this happening is worthwhile.

“The things in the ‘Beat the Burglar’ box are practical aids that can make it harder for burglars to access your home in the first place. We have given practical top 10 tips to ‘Beat the Burglar’ on the back of each pack.

“In the first instance the packs will be delivered to vulnerable groups identified by the PCSP’s as well as burglary victims to help reassure them,” he said.

“Anyone who is concerned about burglary and want to request an anti-burglar pack please contact us,” added the Alderman.

A simple assessment will be carried out to decide what if any items might be useful for the householder.

The Belfast PCSP can be contacted on 028 9027 0469 or your local PSNI Crime Prevention Officer can also help and may be contacted by ringing the 101 number. 

More information on ‘Beat the Burglar’ can be found on our website