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Lord Mayor visits Belfast Islamic Centre

28 Sep 2017
Lord Mayor Nuala McAllister has visited the Belfast Islamic Centre, as she continues reaching out to all cultures and traditions across the city.

The move comes shortly after similar visits to St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast’s Jewish Community and a meeting with Laurence Graham, President of the Methodist Church.

Councillor McAllister said: “This is part of my aim to be a Lord Mayor for everyone, showcasing the best Belfast has to offer and profiling it as a global location, open for business, visitors and those who have come to live here.

“Across the city we have so many cultures and traditions and while it can be easy for others to promote hate and stir up fears, I’m here to stand against that – to speak up for Belfast and promote it as the open, inclusive and welcoming city that it is.

“I really enjoyed my visit today and look forward to working with leaders of all traditions across this year, signalling City Hall is open to everyone.”
Belfast Islamic Centre