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Library Books come alive

9 Oct 2017
A Living Library is taking over Belfast City Hall later this month as 13 individuals from various community backgrounds share their stories about culture, faith, war, and what living in Belfast means to them. 

The annual event takes place on Wednesday, 25 October between 10am-2pm

You are invited to choose a book for a 20 minute meeting of minds by emailing or by telephoning 028 9027 0663 

Councillor John Kyle, Chair of the Shared City Partnership, said: “The Living Library is one of our most popular events because it is fascinating to hear stories first hand. It really is a case of not judging a book by its cover and finding so many hidden surprises.

“The books challenge our view of the world – in our own city and what happens beyond it. I think everyone who comes to the event learns something either about themselves or the experience of someone else.

“It is very, very popular though so I recommend that people register their interest. You can see a list of the books available on our website “he added.