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Belfast City Council wins Family Friendly Award

9 Oct 2017
Belfast City Council have been crowned ‘Overall Family Friendly Employer 2017’ at the Family Friendly Employer Awards Ceremony 2017, organised by Employers For Childcare and sponsored by Worthingtons Solicitors.

The Council proved they have gone above and beyond to support employees through a period marked by significant challenge and change, including financial and structural, with the implementation of Local Government Reform.

The judges were also impressed with future plans to support staff including:
•a Health and Wellbeing App for staff,
•events focusing on Men’s Health and Women in the Workplace,
•Age-Friendly Initiatives, and
•a Gender Action Plan including lobbying on the childcare strategy and hosting a regional gender budgeting conference.

Marie Marin, CEO of Employers For Childcare, says “Employers are facing many challenges in our current times of austerity, with Brexit, the public sector pay cap and budgeting dominating the agenda. Belfast City Council has demonstrated that, in the face of such obstacles, organisations can innovate to support their employees in striking a work-life balance and enjoy significant benefits as a result.”

Lord Mayor of Belfast, Councillor Nuala McAllister, said: “We’re thrilled to be awarded with Family Friendly Employer of 2017. We recognise that our staff are our most valuable asset, and by providing family friendly initiatives, this contributes to building the capacity of our organisation, through our people, to deliver a successful Belfast and make Belfast better for the future. On a personal level, I’m also very aware of the Council being a family friendly employer making it easier for me to juggle the demands of working life with looking after my young son Finn.”

Ms. Marin agrees, “Staff who are satisfied with their work-life balance are more loyal, motivated and productive. Being a family friendly employer makes commercial sense.”