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Frozen Pipes can Flood Homes this Winter, so wrap up warm!

21 Nov 2017
This was the message at the launch of NI Water’s winter campaign, which also introduced NI Water’s new ‘water drop’ character, Flo.

Flo was created to raise awareness of how we need the water to ‘flo’ through our pipes this winter, rather than freeze, burst and cause flooding.

Sara Venning, NI Water’s Chief Executive, said: ‘‘NI Water is delighted to once again launch our winter campaign in partnership with a whole range of organisations, including the Consumer Council, Utility Regulator, Ulster Farmers’ Union and Retail NI – and introduce Flo of course! The combined resources of all of these partners, and many others, enables us to spread our message to all sections of the community.
Pictured at the launch is Glyn Roberts, Retail NI; John Mills, Utility Regulator; Sara Venning, NI Water CEO; the Lord Mayor of Belfast, Cllr Nuala McAllister; Sinead Dynan, Consumer Council; and Barclay Bell, Ulster Farmers’ Union. Pictured at the launch is NI Water CEO, Sara Venning and Belfast Lord Mayor, Cllr Nuala McAllister launch at Belfast City Hall.