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Council intensifies efforts to assist in Bank Buildings recovery operation

31 Aug 2018
Belfast City Council continues to intensify its efforts to do all it can to assist in the recovery operation and keep Belfast city centre open for business. The Strategic Policy and Resources Committee alongside other agencies today resolved to ensure that Council continues its efforts to restore the city to the very vibrant place that it is.

Belfast City Council will continue to host meetings for key holders and businesses to provide information and support in the days ahead.

Council officers are also in close daily contact with businesses in the immediate area of the fire to offer whatever support they can to ensure they can continue to operate. We are liaising with representatives from Primark to assist in any way we can for example, should they wish to seek alternative accommodation within the city centre.

A key priority for all those involved in the recovery operation must be to make the building and surrounding area safe. Bank Buildings is an important part of Belfast’s heritage and the damage has caused a real sense of sadness and shock. Every effort will continue to be made to preserve the building and save the façade. Belfast City Council and Primark structural engineers continue their complex assessments.

Members of the Strategic Policy and Resources committee agree it is important that as a city, we continue to rally round to support those affected by this devastating event.
City Hall view