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Council’s Planning Committee to meet this week to consider Primark application

22 Oct 2018
Belfast City Council’s Planning Committee will meet on Friday (October 26) to consider Primark’s listed building consent application for Bank Buildings.

The planning officer’s report has now been published and the recommendation is that consent be given, subject to conditions.

The application from Primark seeks consent for conservation-led works involving the taking down, recording and assessment of Bank Buildings above the fourth floor cornice line to Bank Street, Castle Street and Royal Avenue, including six chimneys – the most unstable parts of the building.

Undertaking this work would allow work to start on the remainder of the building, to make it safe through a façade retention scheme. The work will also make it possible to shrink part of the cordon and restore pedestrian access between Royal Avenue and Donegall Place, subject to health and safety considerations as work takes place.

Councillor Matt Garrett, chairman of the Council’s Planning Committee, said: “Since the devastating fire at Bank Buildings, we have been working tirelessly with Primark to find a way forward. Council has given a commitment to do all within its power to restore the city centre to the very vibrant place we know it to be, and thanks to our officers we have been able to turn round this application without delay, in just three weeks, and have called a special meeting of the Council’s Planning Committee in order to expedite this process.”

He added: “We recognise the urgency for businesses, both inside and outside the cordon, to ensure their economic resilience in the run-up to Christmas and beyond. As such, Council has stated in its conditions of consent that it expects Primark to begin works as soon as practically possible, following the issue of this consent.

“While the cordon is absolutely necessary to ensure the health and safety of the public, we are conscious of the significant impact it is having on trade, and so we will continue to work with Primark to move forward and ensure the required works are completed as soon as possible.”


The documents can be viewed on the Council’s website:       

Belfast City Hall