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Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

What is the Modern Slavery Act 2015?

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 is described by the Home Office as aiming to address slavery and trafficking in the twenty-first century by:

  • enhancing support and protection for victims
  • giving law enforcement the tools needed to target today’s slave drivers
  • ensuring perpetrators can be severely punished, and
  • encouraging business to take action to ensure their supply chains are slavery-free.

What is the Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement?

The Act requires certain organisations to produce a slavery and human trafficking statement for each financial year. This applies to an organisation if they: 

  • are a body corporate
  • supply goods and services in the UK, and 
  • have a total turnover of £36 million or more.

Section 54 of the Act, called the ‘Transparency in Supply Chains’ clause, requires these organisations to set out what they have done to ensure there is no modern slavery in its supply chains or any part of its business. If an organisation has taken no steps to do this, their statement should say so. 

Our Transparency Statement

Our Transparency Statement will introduce: 

  • a review of any relevant corporate policies and consider whether they already address the issue of modern slavery
  • a self-certification clause in our contracts and quotation documents for new suppliers from 1 April 2019 to indicate whether the Act applies to them and that they comply with provisions of the Transparency in Supply Chains clause
  • a process to allow the council to carry out random checks on whether suppliers have published their own Transparency Statement and that we are satisfied at the level of assurance that no modern slavery exists in their supply chain (subject to resource availability in Corporate Procurement)