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Site performance

We monitor website performance via: 

  • website traffic statistics
  • website availability statistics
  • popular search terms. 

Website statistics

We analyse visitor numbers and trends, assess the most popular sections of the website and monitor any errors or problems that may occur.

2016 web traffic statistics

2016 website traffic
 Month  Number of visits
January 188,530
February 213,508
March 223,067
April 199,250
May 210,054
June 177,916
July 227,289
August 206,814
September 209,718
October 365,728
November 242,981
December 224,694

2017 web traffic statistics

2017 website traffic
 Month  Number of visits
January 241,938
February 209,559
March 250,650
April  210,457
May  283,625 
June  250,367 
July 249,193
August 212,423
September  196,506 
October 217,543

Website availability

We are committed to making sure our website is available to you all the time. In cases of unexpected downtime, we aim to have our site online as soon as possible.

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