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Planning application number: 1489/F

Date advertised: 14 Jul 2017

Location: "Lands at Former Visteon Factory
Blacks Road"

Proposal: Ground excavations from a 'Borrow Pit' (overall dimensions approximately 170-200m length, 22-50m width, 6m depth) to provide 30,000m3 of clean natural clay soils capping material for use within remediation capping layers and associated Remedial Strategy for the approved Mixed Use Residential and Commercial Development (granted permission under Ref Z/2013/1434/F). Ground excavations to be undertaken in a phased and progressive approach from south to north to limit the size of the exposed excavated area at any one time with resulting 'Borrow Pit' void backfilled with existing made ground material comprising of sandy gravelly clay with angular gravel (hardcore) and also including sporadic asbestos cement fragments (typically less than 5cm in size and equating to approximately 0.015% of the made ground mass) from within the development site and covered with a remediation capping layer in line with remedial strategy.

Advertisement type: Initial

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