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Planning application number: 2126/F

Date advertised: 29 Sep 2017

Location: Lands bound by North St, Royal Ave, Rosemary St and building south of Lower Garfield St , located approximately 400m west of Laganside bus station 300m northeast of City Hall and 1km northwest of Central Train Station

Proposal: Redevelopment including six storey building on the existing surface level carpark and part change of use to create a mixed use development comprising retail units, restaurants and cafes, residential units, offices, church and related community floor space, new streets and public realm works. Demolition of 53 Royal Ave and 27-31 Rosemary St and restoration of Central Halls (37-39 Rosemary St), Masonic Hall (15 Rosemary St), 43/43a Rosemary St and retention of 30-34 North St

Advertisement type: Initial

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