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Community involvement

Get involved in planning

We are committed to keeping you informed on all planning developments in Belfast.

Our draft Statement of Community Involvement sets out how and when we will engage with the local community in both the preparation of planning policy and decisions around planning applications.

It outlines how you can:

  • have access to information about how your area will develop
  • put forward your ideas on how your area develops and be confident that there is a process for those ideas to be considered
  • have an early and informed opportunity to express your views on the development of your area and have them considered before decisions are made.

The draft Statement of Community Involvement covers how we will engage with the community:

  • in relation to the development of our local development plan
  • at the pre-application stage for planning applications
  • during the application process
  • at Planning Committee stage
  • after a planning decision has been made
  • in relation to planning enforcement
  • in issues connected to conservation area designation
  • in relation to designation of a simplified planning zone.

Download our draft Statement of Community Involvement (PDF - 1.5MB)

Public consultation

The public consultation on our draft Statement of Community Involvement document has closed.

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