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Street naming

We're responsible for the naming of streets and numbering of properties in Belfast. 

Developers, architects and estate agents can apply to us to name new streets. 

It's important that naming and numbering of streets is carried out at an early stage in a new development so that the new home owners have the correct address when they move in. This also helps the emergency services when responding to emergencies. 

When the streets are officially named and numbered, we tell all relevant organisations. 

We are also responsible for the re-numbering of properties.

Street signs and dual-language signage

If we receive a request for a dual language signs, we carry out a survey, and if two thirds or more of residents in a particular street or road want to have dual language signage, then we will put up the signs. 

To request a dual language sign please call us on 028 9027 0650 or email us.

More information

Further guidance about street naming and building numbering is available in our guidance document:

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