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Dog control and animal welfare

Coronavirus update

Our offices are closed and the Dog Warden Service is currently working within a limited capacity to provide some services.

We can deal with online applications for dog licences and an email copy of the licence will be issued. We have limited access to postal applications and are recommending you renew or apply for a new licence online.

If you can’t apply online please send your application to: Dog Control office, Cecil Ward Building, 4 -10 Linen Hall Street, Belfast, BT2 8BP.

Please be aware that postal applications are taking longer than normal to process due to the impact of COVID restrictions.

Although we cannot provide our normal Dog Warden Services, we will respond to:

  • urgent requests for assistance in relation to dog attacks or dangerous dogs,
  • requests regarding prohibited dog breeds and,
  • collecting stray dogs, where possible.

All other requests for service will be logged and progressed when normal services resume.

Apply for a dog licence

Apply for a single or block dog licence, or renewal.

Report a dog or animal welfare issue

Report a lost, stray or stolen dog, dog fouling, a barking dog, an overheating dog or a dead animal.

You can also report an animal welfare issue including non-farm, farm and wild animals or wild cats. 

Your responsibilities as a dog owner

You need to know about dog laws and your responsibilities to protect your dog, yourself and others around you.

Find out about microchipping, straying and dog walking and our Green Dog Walkers pledge. 

Dog friendly Belfast

We want to offer a warm welcome to you and your dog and provide you with information about dog friendly facilities and businesses throughout the city.

Dog walking - maximum number of dogs

Find out the maximum number of dogs you can walk at the one time.

Owning a greyhound, lurcher or whippet

Learn about the specific requirements for greyhounds, whippet and lurcher type dogs.

Pest control

Our free pest control service can help you get rid of rats, mice, fleas, flies and cockroaches.

Contact us
Dog control
028 9027 0431
Ground Floor
Cecil Ward Building
4-10 Linenhall Street

Available daily from 8am - 8pm
(Exc bank and public holidays)