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Report a lost, stray or stolen dog

Coronavirus update

Our offices are closed and the Dog Warden Service is currently working within a limited capacity to provide some services.

Although we cannot provide our normal Dog Warden Services, we will respond to:

  • urgent requests for assistance in relation to dog attacks or dangerous dogs,
  • requests regarding prohibited dog breeds and,
  • collecting stray dogs, where possible.

Report a stray dog

If you find a stray dog, call our dog wardens on 028 9027 0431.

They'll arrange to collect it. You may also be asked for:

  • your name, address and telephone number
  • a description of the dog including its type, colour, size and approximate age
  • the time, date and location where you found the dog.

Report a lost or stolen dog

To report a lost or stolen dog, call us on 028 9027 0431.

We can then check to see if it has been picked up by our wardens or taken to our dog pound at:

Nutts Corner Boarding Kennels
18 Dundrod Road
Nutts Corner
Co. Antrim

Telephone:028 9082 5317

Facebook: Nutts Corner Boarding Kennels

If you're collecting a lost or stolen dog please call in advance and bring photographic ID, your dog's licence number and the release fee.

Advice for dog owners

You can help reduce the number of stray dogs on our streets by following these simple steps:

  • fit your dog with a microchip so it can be traced if it goes missing
  • consider getting your dog neutered to prevent unwanted litters
  • check that you have a valid dog licence.

If you are interested in adopting or re-homing a dog you can do so by visiting your local dog pound or animal shelter. Stray dogs found by dog wardens and members of the public often remain unclaimed in the pound.


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