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Managing your tenancy

Advice on registering a tenancy, rent books and tenancy statements.

Tenancy deposit scheme

Find out about the tenancy deposit scheme, who runs it and how we enforce it. 

Property inspections

Arrange an inspection of your property.

Harassment and unlawful eviction

Advice for tenants facing harassment or unlawful eviction.

Pest control

Book a free pest control inspection for your home.

Home safety

Book a free home safety check.

Home heating

Find out about our fuel stamp scheme and oil buying clubs, helping you save for home heating oil.

High hedges

Make a complaint about your neighbour's high hedges.


if you're homeless or worried about losing your home, there are organisations that can help.

Student accommodation

Read our best practice which will encourage prospective developers to develop quality student accommodation in Belfast.

Certificate of fitness

If you own a property which was built before 1945 and you have started or changed a tenancy since April 2007 then you may need to apply for a Certificate of Fitness.

Housing advice in other languages

These pages have been translated into Polish, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Slovak, Russian, French, Mandarin, Romanian, Bulgarian and Cantonese. They provide a brief description of housing issues that affect foreign nationals living in Northern Ireland. 

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