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Licences and permits

Coronavirus update

Our offices at Cecil Ward Building are closed, but we are working remotely with a limited service.

We can:

  • answer your queries, but, our processing of all application types is limited. 
  • receive electronic copies of applications via email and online applications.
  • work with applicants to try and resolve any difficulties that may arise. But we may not be able to issue all licences, permits or certificates.

We're unable to:

  • pick up post or postal applications.

You may be able to contact individual building control surveyors you have been dealing with, by mobile or email to discuss matters with them but not in all instances.

You can also contact us by emailing or

We will monitor the situation and will share further updates on our plans as soon as they are available.

Our licences

 A-G  H-S
Approval of a food business

Apply for approval of a food business. 

Register a hairdressing or barber business.

Amusement permit
Apply for an amusement permit to operate an amusement arcade. 

Lottery licence
Apply for a licence to set up a lottery.
Caravan or campsite
Apply for a caravan or campsite licence to operate a caravan or camping site in Belfast. 

Market licence
Apply for a licence to set up a market or car boot sale.

Certificate of fitness 
If you're a landlord who owns a property built before 1945, and you have started or changed a tenancy since April 2007, you may need to apply for a certificate of fitness. 

Marriage and civil partnership licence
We can grant certain venues a three-year licence to hold civil marriage and partnership ceremonies.

Cinema licence 
Apply for a cinema licence. 

Pavement cafés licence
Pavement cafés in Belfast need to have a licence from us.

Cooling towers 
If you own a cooling tower or evaporative condenser, you must register with us.

Petroleum licence
Apply, renew or transfer a petroleum licence. 
Cosmetic business permit 
Register a cosmetic business.

Poisonous substances 

If you sell certain poisons, you must register with us.

Dog licence
Apply for a single or block dog licence.

Pollution prevention and control
Apply for a pollution prevention and control permit. 
Entertainment licence
Apply for an entertainment licence. 
Register a food business
Register your food business. 
Food hygiene re-rating inspection
Request an inspection to re-rate your food business establishment.
Road closures

Apply for a road closure for your event. 

Free printed material permit
Apply for a permit to distribute printed material in certain areas of Belfast.
Safety at sports grounds

Sports grounds in Belfast with a capacity of 5,000 people or more must have a valid safety certificate.

Guard dog kennels
Register guard dog kennels.
Street trading 
Apply for a street trading licence.

Sunday trading 

You do not need a Sunday trading licence or permit from us, however there are restrictions to how long certain large shops can open on a Sunday. 

Contact us
Building control
028 9027 0650
Building Control
Ground Floor
Cecil Ward Building
4-10 Linenhall Street

You can also contact City Protection Services (including environmental health).

028 9027 0428