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Licences and permits

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Approval of a food business

Apply for approval of a food business. 

Register a hairdressing or barber business.

Amusement permit
Apply for an amusement permit to operate an amusement arcade. 

Lottery licence
Apply for a licence to set up a lottery.
Caravan or campsite
Apply for a caravan or campsite licence to operate a caravan or camping site in Belfast. 

Market licence
Apply for a licence to set up a market or car boot sale.

Certificate of fitness 
If you're a landlord who owns a property built before 1945, and you have started or changed a tenancy since April 2007, you may need to apply for a certificate of fitness. 

Marriage and civil partnership licence
We can grant certain venues a three-year licence to hold civil marriage and partnership ceremonies.

Cinema licence 
Apply for a cinema licence. 

Pavement cafés licence
Pavement cafés in Belfast need to have a licence from us.

Cooling towers 
If you own a cooling tower or evaporative condenser, you must register with us.

Petroleum licence
Apply, renew or transfer a petroleum licence. 
Cosmetic business permit 
Register a cosmetic business.

Poisonous substances 

If you sell certain poisons, you must register with us.

Dog licence
Apply for a single or block dog licence.

Pollution prevention and control
Apply for a pollution prevention and control permit. 
Energy performance certificate 
Anyone selling, renting out or constructing a building needs an energy performance certificate for that property.

Register a food business
Register your food business. 
Entertainment licence
Apply for an entertainment licence. 
Road closures

Apply for a road closure for your event. 

Food hygiene re-rating inspection
Request an inspection to re-rate your food business establishment.
Safety at sports grounds

Sports grounds in Belfast with a capacity of 5,000 people or more must have a valid safety certificate.

Free printed material permit 
Apply for a permit to distribute printed material in certain areas of Belfast.
Street trading 
Apply for a street trading licence.
Guard dog kennels
Register guard dog kennels.
Sunday trading 

You do not need a Sunday trading licence or permit from us, however there are restrictions to how long certain large shops can open on a Sunday. 

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