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A new park in Colin

We are working in partnership with Urban Villages Initiative to design a new public park and play park in the Colin area.

We want the new park and play park to have:

  • Identity - a place that celebrates natural habitats, local heritage and culture
  • Comfort and safety - high quality that’s practical, safe and sustainable
  • Connectivity - well linked with surrounding neighbourhoods
  • Flexibility – a place that can be used throughout the year with educational activities and animation

The new park will offer a range of recreational facilities for all age groups. There will be three main active zones with the rest of the park being a calm and open space. The active areas will include the play facility, the active zone and the educational garden with outdoor classroom.

The space will provide equipment for children of all ages and abilities. Inclusive play will be a key consideration, ensuring social, emotional, physical, cognitive, sensory and communication aspects of play are met.

An off road cycle track, open activity space and woodland walking and running routes with equipment will offer recreation for young people and adults.  A large grass area with reinforced surfacing and drainage will allow for a full programme of events such as summer festivals, concerts, community fun days, markets and fairs.

Colin Park

Current status

We ran a public consultation on the initial plans for the park in March and April 2017.  

Over 95 per cent of respondents to this consultation told us they liked the plans.

We used the consultation feedback to make some changes to the initial plans:

Consultation feedback  Our response 
A park of this scale should have toilet provision.  We have included toilet provision within the revised design for the new park. 

The toilet provision within the BRT Hub will be secure, safe and available from early in the morning to late at night.
More information is needed on how people are expected to get to the park. We have created a more prominent entrance next to the roundabout to improve access for residents approaching from the north and east of the park. 

We have introduced car parking spaces for blue badge holders.

We will work with partner organisations to identify any further parking provision in the local area.

The route into the park from Brook Activity Centre, passing the new BRT Hub, will be enhanced to make it more attractive.
The entrances need to be traffic-safe for pedestrians, especially children.  We are reviewing the main entrance arrangement from Stewartstown Road to aid pedestrian safety. 

We are working with the Department for Infrastructure to make the road crossing from the BRT Hub as prominent and safe as possible.
There should be more inclusive play equipment for children with disabilities.  We have increased the amount of accessible and sensory play equipment with the revised design for the new playground. 
Antisocial behaviour and damage to the park is a concern. The PSNI has reviewed the design and provided feedback which has been considered in the revised design. 

Hedging and fencing along the Stewartstown Road has been reworked to include low level hedging, making the park more visible from the road.

Boundary fencing along the woodland has been added to deter scrambler access from the glen.


Next steps

Planning approval was granted in February 2019. It is hoped that work is due to start on site in spring 2019 and complete in mid 2020.