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Investment in Infrastructure

The Programme of Investment

The Belfast Region continues to wrestle with the consequences of underinvestment in transport infrastructure, particularly public transport, and the resulting high levels of car use, pollution and congestion. For any region to be successful, modern and world class infrastructure needs to be in place. It enables economic growth, builds the connections to markets and opportunities and is a key consideration for inward investors. Investing in infrastructure is also important in delivering balanced economic growth and ensuring that job opportunities that we are creating can be accessed by all communities. 

The Programme of Investment includes two key transport projects of strategic importance to the economies of the Belfast Region. They deliver direct economic benefits for the region and have also been assessed as making an important contribution to the inclusive growth ambitions of the BRCD partners.

Newry Southern Relief Road 

This proposal is to take forward a new strategic road, linking the A1 bypass of Newry City with the A2 Warrenpoint dual-carriageway. This will provide an alternative strategic route for traffic that avoids Newry city centre. The scheme would link to the Eastern Seaboard Key Transport Corridor, which includes road and rail links between Larne and the border at Newry, facilitating onward travel to Dublin and improving access to other regional gateways.

Belfast Rapid Transit (BRT) Phase II

The extension of this strategically important public transport network will include dedicated bus lanes, new halts and upgraded road infrastructure to improve the connection to and with the wider Glider service. 

Phase II of the BRT will extend to neighbouring council areas of Antrim and Newtownabbey, as well as Lisburn and Castlereagh, providing cross council improvements on the transport network. It will enhance connections to health, education, leisure and job facilities and improve economic return in Belfast city centre and across the region.

Lagan Bridge – Gasworks to Ormeau Embankment

This project aims to address the geographic barrier to growth by constructing a new pedestrian and cycle bridge across the River Lagan, linking the Gasworks Development with Ormeau Park, providing access to jobs and opportunity and improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities by encouraging more active lifestyles.