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Inner North West Masterplan

The Belfast City Centre Regeneration and Investment Strategy (BCCRIS) outlines our vision for the regeneration of the city centre. 

Within the strategy, five special action areas are identified which will be given special attention. The Inner North West was highlighted as one of these areas.

The area, which covers 42.4 acres and is located in the city centre, is experiencing significant change, mostly as a result of a number of approved and planned development opportunities. 

We have developed the Inner North West Masterplan, which purpose is to guide future development. It is supported by strong urban design principles that will help shape the proposals outlined within the ten character areas and future proposals. 

The masterplan seeks to create a new city centre mixed neighbourhood that:

  • incorporates a mix of uses, including residential, commercial, retail and leisure, all joined through a strong and cohesive public realm
  • considers the heritage of the area and the historic urban grain
  • reinstates the historically lively economy of the Inner North West area
  • promotes ‘city centre living’, with its social and environmental benefits
  • strengthens the city centre’s urban fabric and streetscapes
  • supports and strengthens pedestrian connections within the city centre, and to and from adjoining neighbourhoods
  • delivers the ambitions of the Belfast Agenda, in line with the Local Development Plan.
The masterplan covers:
  • the Inner North West in context
  • analysis of the area
  • vision and objectives
  • the Inner North West urban design principles
  • streets and building types
  • character areas and streets
  • delivery of ambitions in this masterplan.
Download the Inner North West Masterplan (PDF - 10.4MB) 

The Inner North West Masterplan was prepared for us by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios and a team of consultants including, JUNO, Systa and The Paul Hogarth Company.  

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