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Local Investment Fund

In February 2012, we launched an ambitious £150 million Investment Programme to counter the effects of the economic downturn.

Key aims of the initiative were to boost the local economy, support businesses, create employment and training opportunities and support capital projects across the city.

Local Investment Fund Phase 1

As part of this programme a £5 million Local Investment Fund was established to support neighbourhood projects to help regenerate local areas.

The money supported a diverse range of projects, including:
  • new sports provision
  • environmental improvements
  • training facilities 
  • refurbishment works 
  • other valuable community amenities

Decisions on which projects were recommended for funding were taken by Area Working Groups, made up of Councillors for each part of the city.

Local Investment Fund Phase 2 

Following the success of the first phase of of the Local Investment Fund, Councillors have agreed to extend the programme with a further £4 million to be allocated to community capital projects across the city. The fund will be split up across the city by District Electoral Areas as set out below.

  • North - Castle and Oldpark
  • South - Botanic and Balmoral
  • East - Titanic; Ormiston and Lisnasharragh
  • West - Court; Black Mountain and Colin
Phase 2 will operate in a similar way as the first phase, with local Councillors bringing forward proposals to be discussed at the Area Working Groups.

Area Working Groups will meet on a monthly basis to discuss all proposals.  For more information contact your local Councillor.

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