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Transport initiatives

Bike share

Coca Cola Zero Belfast Bikes launched on 27 April 2015 providing 300 bikes and 30 docking stations in city centre locations. The number of docking stations has increased from 30 to 41, with more plans for expansion in 2018. 

Bike share provides a sustainable, low-cost way for people to get around key locations in Belfast city centre. It should reduce the number of car trips being made for short journeys, reduce traffic congestion, vehicle emissions and demand for parking. It should also enhance public transport by allowing you to use a public bicycle to complete the first or last leg of your trip (for example from the train station to your workplace). 

You can register as a casual or annual user and the first 30 minutes of each trip are free of charge.

To register for the scheme and for further information, visit

Transport Policy

We revised our Transport Policy for Belfast in 2008 to give us an up to date transport vision for the city. The new policy outlines our aims for the future sustainable development and improvement of Belfast’s transport infrastructure until 2015. It also provides guidance so that any regional and local transportation polices can be developed in line with our wider objectives on sustainable economic development, environmental responsibility, tourism, leisure, good relations, education and health.

Download our Transport Policy (2MB)

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