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Business support webinars

We have eight webinars giving advice and tips to business owners on building personal resilience and managing projects during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. You can also get information on using social media to market your business and sell services online.

What can a business do during the COVID-19 pandemic?

This webinar will help you take stock of where your business is and help with forward planning. Discover tools and guidance on: cashflow, available supports and keeping engaged with your key stakeholders. The webinar is 45 minutes.

Getting your business online

This webinar will help beginners get their business online. You will learn how to:define your customers, develop online processes, set goals/objectives and integrate your online and marketing strategy. The webinar is 39 minutes.

Social media for business

This webinar explains how to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for business. You will get guidance on creating good content, strategic targeting and scheduling your online content. The webinar is 19 minutes.

Getting ready to sell a business service on YouTube

This webinar will explain the pros and cons, platform options and tips for both video and live streaming.  There are also editing tips and information on how to monetise content for your business. The webinar is 39 minutes.

SEO and Google Analytics

This webinar explain how to increase your online presence. You will build a plan for online content, using and measuring SEO. You will learn about choosing keywords and using an SEO checklist. The webinar is 40 minutes.

Managing your mental health during a crisis

This webinar explains how to better manage yourself, benefitting you and those you lead. It will guide you on how to prioritise, manage time effectively and get organised. The webinar is 49 minutes.


Managing stress

This webinar will help you acknowledge the present and how this situation makes you feel. There is information on understanding stress, identifying signs and symptions, and how to stay well and take action. The webinar is 50 minutes.

Preparing a 100-day cashflow

This webinar will help you build your own detailed cashflow projections for the next 100 days, highlighting your short term cash requirements. The webinar is 19 minutes.

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