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City for growth

Growing your business in Belfast

If you have been in business for over one year and need specific help with growth, we offer a broad range of support and programmes to help you:

  • mentoring and assistance in key business areas
  • help with exploring new customer markets
  • networking connections
  • tendering advice and guidance, and
  • general support and information on business growth.

Business growth support

We deliver a wide range of programmes which provide one-to-one mentoring, workshops and a framework to implement a plan for growth.

Assessing your needs

Complete a short questionnaire about your business support needs.  Our team will assess your information and be in touch within three working days to outline the support available to you. 

Case studies

Getting access to specialist mentoring, advice and workshops is instrumental when trying to grow your business and networks. 

Profile Tree

Hear how Profile Tree benefitted from going through the business growth Think.Do.Be programme in this short video.

The Wicker Man

Watch how Laurence Burrell from The Wicker Man developed her idea with the help of our business mentor in this short video.


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