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GCSE Maths and English Support Programme

The programme will provide the revision and study skills support necessary in Maths, English or both to help young people improve their exam skills and techniques and achieve Grade C or above in their GCSE’s.

All revision classes are delivered by fully qualified, experienced teachers in Maths and English. Each revision programme will be structured and the areas covered in the sessions will be based upon what each young person requires support in.

Key elements of the programme

Community Revision Support

At least 15 programmes will be delivered across Belfast per year. Each programme will be delivered in a small group and will involve at least:

  • 15 hours of directed and supported revision by qualified teachers
  • 10 sessions of support based upon the young person’s needs

Holiday Revision Support  

At least four holiday revision classes per year will be delivered across Belfast during the school holiday periods. Each participant will attend intensive revision support in line with the areas they require support in. Each holiday revision programme will provide each young person with at least: 

  • 20 hours of direct and supported revision by qualified teachers 
  • four full days of intensive revision 


Each young person will be required to show they are eligible for the programme – this will come from their teacher. Each young person must:

  • have a predicted GCSE low Grade C or below in Maths and/or English 
  • live in Belfast

If applications need to be prioritised, priority will be given to young people who are either, or both:

  • entitled to Free School Meals 
  • living in the 20 most deprived Super Output Areas (based upon Miltiple Deprivation Measure).

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