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If you’re a post-primary student or teacher, a parent or you work with young people in Belfast, you can now register for the free online service, Belfast Skillsumo.  

As part of our Urban Digital Futures project, you can access a wide range of video and digital content content to help you understand the skills needed to get jobs in fast-growing industries in Belfast. 

What resources are available?

Resources include:
  • work inspiration – focusing on young professionals in STEM and creative careers in growth sectors such as hospitality, finance and engineering.
  • pathways – alternative routes into employment (for example apprenticeships). 
  • 21st century skills - creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration. 
  • FutureProof – exploring trends in technology and society, and how they may impact the future world of work. 
  • professional development – GAEIG course content for educators.

Can I access this? 

Skillsumo is available to:
  • young people who attend a Belfast school 
  • parents or guardians of children who attend a Belfast school
  • educators who work in a Belfast school or learning centre.

How do I sign up? 

1. Go to and click on the 'get started for free' button.
2. Complete our registration form and click the submit button.
3. You will then receive an email from us with a registration link to the Skillsumo website. Once you create a password, you will have access to the free resources.

More information

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