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Supporting Youth Programme 2

The Supporting Youth Programme 2 gives young people aged 15 - 17 the opportunity to develop and design their own programme with employers. 

Young people will develop skills such as resilience, problem solving and confidence that will help them move into employment or training. 

What’s involved? 

Young people will have the opportunity to work with employers and get mentoring and support to help them develop the skills they need to move into training or employment. Each young person will receive: 

  • weekly one-to-one mentoring 
  • weekly timetable of activities designed with young person 
  • personal development/action plan 
  • monthly focus groups
  • structured review process 


Supporting Youth 2 is open to young people who are Belfast City Council residents and those who are: 

  • aged between 15 - 17 years old 
  • not in education, training or employment 
  • at risk of not completing compulsory education 

How to apply 

To register or find out further information, email or call 028 9033 2313