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NI European Regional Forum (NIERF)

The Northern Ireland European Regional Forum (NIERF) is led by our European Unit and the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister (OFMDFM).

Its objectives are to:

  • maximise EU funding opportunities
  • shape EU policy to the benefit of the region
  • influence future funding calls to the benefit of regional stakeholders.

Northern Ireland European Regional Forum seeks to:

  • promote our region in Europe by demonstrating local good practice in a European context to attract new business and investment opportunities
  • promote best practice from other European cities in areas such as security, employment, housing, health and social services, education and economic regeneration to achieve maximum effect within the region
  • facilitate information exchanges between local people, professionals and politicians by hosting inward visits and showcasing our region in Europe.

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Contact us
028 9032 0202
Cecil Ward Building
4-10 Linenhall Street