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Paying invoices

We aim to work closely with our suppliers to make sure you receive payment within 28 days. The 28 day period starts on the day we receive a valid invoice.

If you are supplying us with goods or services, you must get a valid 10 digit purchase order number (starting with 35) from us before providing any good or services. Or if your invoice is for our employee travelling to and from an event, you'll need a T1 reference number (starting with a T1 followed by three to four digits).

To receive payment on time, your invoice must contain:

  • your name, trading name and full address
  • your VAT registration number (if applicable)
  • a unique invoice number
  • invoice date
  • our billing address, as stated below
  • time of supply (referred to as Tax point) if this is different from the invoice date
  • purchase order number (starting with 35) or T1 Reference number (starting with T1)
  • a detailed description of the goods or services you're supplying.

For individual items, we also require a breakdown of:

  • unit price or rate (excluding VAT)
  • quantity of the goods
  • rate of VAT being applied
  • total amount payable (excluding VAT)
  • discount applied to the account
  • freight charges
  • total amount of VAT charged
  • payment terms.

Invalid invoices

If your invoice doesn't include the details, above, it will be invalid and returned.

Contact us

If you have any queries or need further information about an invoice you have sent to us, please contact us. Before you get in touch, please make sure you have:

  • our purchase order number (starts with 35) or a T1 reference number for invoices for travelling to and from events (starts with T1 followed by three to four digits)
  • the date and locations that invoice was sent to
  • the unique invoice reference number. 

Contact us
Central Transactions Unit
028 9027 0319
6th floor, 9 Adelaide
C/O Cecil Ward Building
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