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Neighbourhood watch

Neighbourhood watch schemes are a great way for communities to keep their streets safer. There are just over 100 neighbourhood schemes running in Belfast, however, there are still many communities that could benefit from the scheme.

If you're interested in joining an existing neighbourhood watch scheme, or setting up a new one for your local area, call us on 028 9027 0469 for advice.

The campaign

The ‘Look out for your neighbours?' campaign is designed to raise awareness of the Neighbourhood watch scheme, to make everyone aware that they can join one, or establish one in their community. 

Neighbourhood watch is open to everyone no matter their age, gender, sexual orientation, race or religion, and we are here to give advice to anyone interested in hearing more about the scheme.

The campaign is led by Belfast PCSP, with the support of many agencies including Crimestoppers and the PSNI.

The campaign will appear on billboards, bus shelters, in newspapers, leisure and community centres in Belfast and, as well as on radio and online.

Contact us
Community safety
028 9027 0469
Community Safety
Cecil Ward Building
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