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Memorial options

Once a cremation has taken place, you can take the cremated remains away with you. Or, if you want to have them placed at the crematorium, you can choose from a number of memorial options:

We also supply a range of urns and keepsakes in various designs and materials. 

Cremated remains can be retained at the crematorium for a period of 16 weeks, however  If appropriate arrangements have not been made during this period, then the applicant will be notified of the intent to scatter such cremated remains in the Garden of Remembrance with no family present.

Please note that only memorials supplied and installed by us may be placed within the grounds of the crematorium. Any unauthorised items will removed.

Fees for memorials must be paid at the time of booking.

Watch our video to find out more about the various options available. You need to have Adobe Flash Player installed and JavaScript enabled on your computer to use this feature. 

Memorial types

Books of Remembrance

There are four Books of Remembrance, one for each quarter of the year, with a separate page viewable each day. 

The pages are turned daily so that a lasting record appears at each anniversary, according to the date of death. 

An inscription in the books provides a simple and lasting memorial to your loved one and you can choose the date you want your inscription to appear. To have your entry placed in time for a first anniversary, please submit your preferred wording to us within seven months of the date of death. 

Books are sent to England for inscription and therefore not available for view when new entries are being added. 

All our books are handmade and bound in gold-tooled vellum with blue and black calligraphy and gold initial letters. You can choose an inscription of two, five or eight lines. Floral motifs, badges, coats of arms and emblems can be included with an entry of five or eight lines. If you have a specific image in mind, please provide us with a clear colour photograph. Space can also be reserved alongside an existing entry for future use. 

The books are displayed in a purpose-built cabinet in a special room at the end of the floral tribute hallway inside the crematorium building. Entries can be viewed during our normal opening hours as long as the relevant book is available.


The columbarium, located at the side of the main crematorium building, allows families to place specific galvanised urns of cremated remains into special niches. It is made up of two separate units, edged with annual bedding plants.

There are 45 numbered niches in each unit, each with a front section which incorporates a black memorial plaque. The cremated remains are then placed behind the plaque where there is enough room for two standard urns. 

Plaques can be engraved with your own personalised inscription and motif, if required, and niches can be leased for 25-year periods. Please don’t leave flowers and personal items at the base of the columbarium. Any items will be removed immediately by staff. 

The best way to select a niche is to visit us and a member of staff will show you the area. If you are unable to visit in person, our experienced staff can make a selection on your behalf. 

As columbarium leases are renewable, it is important you notify us if you change your address, so we can write to you at the end of your lease period. If you decide not to renew your lease, or do not claim your cremated remains, they will be respectfully scattered in the Garden of Remembrance after three months so the niche can be used by other families.

Strewn on unmarked lawn in the Garden of Remembrance

During this simple act, cremated remains are scattered on a lawn in the Garden of Remembrance, directly behind the main crematorium building, from our special urn. You are welcome to come along to the scattering or, if you want to take part, our staff can show you how to operate the scattering urn. 

If you would like a minister of religion to be present, you should make these arrangements with the clergy in advance. Please note that memorials are not permitted in the Garden of Remembrance.

The Garden of Remembrance is located directly behind the main crematorium building and is accessible to everyone. 

To help keep the garden tidy, flowers, ornaments, bowls, toys or pictures are not allowed on or around the memorial stone books. Any items will be removed immediately.

Burial on unmarked lawn in the Garden of Remembrance

This is similar to a scattering, but cremated remains are poured into the ground from our burial box. 

The ground is usually opened before your arrival by our staff. However, if there is a particular area of the garden that you have used before, and would like to use again, let us know when you are making your appointment and we will try and accommodate your request.

Memorial stone books

Memorial stone books have been erected in the Garden of Remembrance at the City of Belfast Crematorium and Shankill Graveyard 

Each memorial book is made of granite, is free-standing and comes with a hand-carved cord and tassel. 

There are 208 individually numbered tablets on each book. You can purchase a tablet and have the wording of your choice, up to 75 characters, engraved on it. Motifs or photographs are not allowed.

Babies' Garden of Remembrance

Separate from the main Garden of Remembrance, this area offers a peaceful and tranquil setting for relatives to visit. Cremated remains may also be scattered, but not buried, here. 

It is made up of a landscaped walkway, leading from the road to an area of grass bordered by two flowerbeds in the shape of teardrops. The flowerbeds are planted out with annual bedding, one in blue and the other in pink.

The garden is directly below the two largest and oldest trees in the crematorium grounds, referred to by our staff as the 'mother' and 'father' trees.

Scattering or burial in the woodland copse

This area of birch trees is underplanted with naturalising bulbs, including bluebells and wood anemones. This traditional woodland provides environmental benefits and encourages wildlife. It is kept completely natural and memorials of any kind are not permitted. 

Cremated remains can buried, either by being poured into the ground or buried in a biodegradable urn, or scattered here. With both, family members are welcome to watch the remains being laid to rest.  If you want a minister of religion to be present, please make arrangements with the clergy in advance. 

You can also have the name of your loved one, together with their date of death, engraved on a standing stone, located at the front of the copse.

Memorial seat

Families can buy a memorial seat from us, with a plaque containing words of their choice (to a maximum of 35 words). All inscriptions must be approved. 

The seat is made of galvanised metal and coated in black paint. It can be placed in the Garden of Remembrance or at an agreed site in Roselawn Cemetery, which is next to the crematorium. 

Or you can buy a memorial seat from us and have it placed in one of our parks. The exact location must be agreed with us in advance.  You must not place ornaments or any other memorabilia on the seat or at its base.

Woodland copse (with granite memorial)

This is one our most popular memorials. Families can buy a tree which is located in the grounds of Roselawn Cemetery - unfortunately, there is no longer space available to plant trees within the grounds of the crematorium. 

A plaque can be placed at the base of the tree together with the wording of your choice. 

Up to eight sets of cremated remains can be buried at the tree and, after each burial, the plaque can be updated. There are two sizes of plaques available but only plaques supplied by us are allowed at the base of the tree. 

When buying a tree, we recommend that you visit us in person to make your selection. You can then make an appointment to have the remains buried at the tree. If you want a minister of religion to be present for the committal service, please make arrangements with the clergy in advance. 

We are responsible for maintaining the tree throughout its life and will carry out any pruning or other work needed. We will also replace the tree if it dies or becomes dangerous during its life. However, we cannot guarantee that the same type will be replanted again if your tree needs to be replaced.

Interment in a private grave 

Cremated remains can be buried in a private grave, either in an existing family one, or you can purchase a new grave in Roselawn Cemetery, located next to the crematorium. 

This option allows an old family grave closed to standard burials to be used again or, if you buy a new grave, other family members, who do not wish to be cremated, can be buried there as well. 

For more information about buying a grave at Roselawn Cemetery, call the Cemeteries and Crematorium Central Office on 028 9027 0296.

Memorial safety inspection programme

We began our memorial safety inspections in Balmoral Cemetery in August 2016.

Read more about our memorial safety inspection programme.

For more information email


We try to make sure all memorial items are kept in reasonable condition but we hold no responsibility for damage caused to items, other than by its own negligence. We also reserve the right to alter or amend items and the conditions of our memorial schemes.

For more information on any of our memorials, call the City of Belfast Crematorium on 028 9044 8342.

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