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Research and evaluation

Belfast Peace and Reconciliation Action Plan

Summary: The aim of the plan is to build positive relations at a local level and to tackle sectarian and racist attitudes with a focus on conflict resolution and mediation at a local community level.

Good Relations Plan

Summary: Promoting Equality and Good Relations is key to improving the quality of life for everyone in the city. This Good Relations Plan sets out a vision for Belfast for the next 3 years as we strive to make Belfast a better place in which to live, work, socialise and do business.

Good Relations Programme - Audit and evaluation report

Published: July 2011

Summary: In July 2011, an evaluation and audit of our Good Relations programme was carried out.

Community Engagement, Good Relations and Good Practice

Published: September 2006

Summary: Guidelines on promoting good relations through community engagement.

New migrants and Belfast

Published: September 2006

Summary: This research provided information on the number and make up of the new migrant communities in Belfast, helping us meet our responsibilities in challenging racism and inequality and developing positive and inclusive responses to the changing face of the city.

Good Relations Strategy

Published: February 2003

Summary: Our strategy sets out our vision for a stable, tolerant, fair and pluralist City, where individuality is respected and diversity is celebrated, in an inclusive manner. It emphasises our commitment to the principles of equity, diversity and interdependence and our promise that these will be mainstreamed into all our activities - our policies, our structures and our procedures.

Conflict Transformation Project

In 2007 and 2008, we created a Conflict Transformation Project, together with a range of partners, as part of our ongoing work to promote good relations in Belfast. The scheme was designed to help encourage cross-agency dialogue on the principles of conflict transformation, and develop a common agenda to implement a good relations plan for the city.

The Conflict Transformation Project received funding from the Belfast Local Strategy Partnership, under Measure 3.1 of the European Union Programme for Peace and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland 2000-2006. Although the project has now ended, you may find the following research documents useful:

A study exploring mobility and connectivity in Belfast

Published: June 2008

Summary: This piece of research looks at the issues of connectivity and mobility in Belfast and provides suggestions on opportunities to help resolve some of the issues around segregation in the city.

Good Relations and Local Area Planning

Published: 2008

Summary: This piece of research looks at the links between good relations and local area planning in Belfast. It compares existing research and uses case studies and interviews to see where and how a spatial planning framework can contribute positively to the management and development of a post-conflict city.

Sharing and Interaction in Public spaces in Belfast

Published: 2008

Summary: This piece of research looks at what defines 'shared space' in Belfast and how people move around the city. Laganside, Castlecourt, Botanic Park and the Waterworks Park are looked at in case studies.

The Implications of Providing Services in a Divided City

Published: 2008

Summary: This piece of research looks at the implications of providing services in a divided society. Services include housing, education, health and youth, as well as leisure and community services.

Good Practice in Conflict Transformation

Published: 2008

Summary: This piece of research looks at a number of case studies which focus on good relations work that has been developed by or supported by statutory agencies.

A Shared Future

Published: March 2005 by the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister

Summary: This document contains the Government's policy and strategic framework for good relations in Northern Ireland. It also contains a set of objectives and a number of sections setting out how the Government hopes to tackle certain issues.
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