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Peace III

We have been awarded funding under Priority 1.1 of the EU PEACE III Programme managed by the Special EU Programme Body to support programmes and projects which are working to create shared space and create positive relations in Belfast.

As part of this work, we're rolling out the Belfast PEACE III Plan. This is a major programme which aims to build positive relations and tackle sectarian and racism.

Phase two of PEACE III

Phase two of the Belfast PEACE III Plan runs from September 2011 to December 2014 and consists of 10 projects with a combined budget of £4 million. These projects will support our ongoing work to build positive relations locally.


Keep up to date with all the news and information from the PEACE III team and projects in the latest edition of PEACE III News.

Good Relations Partnership

We have set up a Good Relations Partnership which is responsible for allocating funding from the Peace Plan to a range of groups and organisations in Belfast.

The partnership consists of 21 members - 6 elected members - one from each of the Party Groups on the council; plus representatives from the major statutory organisations and the community / voluntary sector in Belfast.

 Sector of community
Elected members of Belfast City Council Maire Hendron (Chair)
John Kyle (Deputy Chair)
Tim Attwood
Caoimhín Mac Giolla Mhín
Lee Reynolds
Bob Stoker
Statutory agencies Jennifer Hawthorne (NIHE)
Dr. Chris Hughes (DSD/BRO)
Orla Barron (Belfast Health Trust)
Trade unions Clare Moore (ICTU)
Paddy Mackel (BTC)
Private sector Rory Galway (Shorts Bombardier)
Billy McGivern (Belfast City Centre Management)
Churches Michelle Marken
Patrick Scott
Archdeacon Barry Dodds
Reverend Lesley Carroll
Minority faith groups Ugor Tok
Voluntary or community sector Sean Brennan
Minority ethnic sector Angila Chada


Contact us
Good Relations
028 9027 0663
Chief Executive's Department
Belfast City Hall