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Drug dealers don't care, do you?

The main message of the Drug Dealers Don’t Care, Do you? campaign is that drugs tear lives and families apart, and we want anyone who has suspicions or concerns about drug dealing to call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

We worked with Drug and Alcohol Coordination Teams (DACTs) to identify a target audience based on their knowledge of drug use in the community. 

The campaign was developed by Belfast PCSP in partnership with Crimestoppers, and is supported by the PSNI,The Department of Justice, alongside District Policing and Community Safety Partnerships and Drug and Alcohol Coordination Teams throughout Northern Ireland.


These videos focus on reporting drug dealing, while showing the wider impacts of recreational drug use, at an individual, family and community level. 

The stories of Kenny and Kelly aim to show how more and more regular drug use and partying too hard can start to have an effect on your perspective, your priorities, your intentions, your behaviour and your actions.

Help available

Anyone who is suffering because of drug use, either a user themselves, or a family or friend can visit

Following on from the advertising campaign, PCSPs and DACT Connections Services will offer local awareness raising sessions and events to reinforce the campaign messages and the role and function of Crimestoppers as an independent charity.

They will also highlight the risks associated with polydrug misuse and give an overview of available drug and alcohol support services available.