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No Hate Here

North Belfast District Policing and Community Safety Partnership has launched the No Hate Here campaign which aims to send the anti-hate message into the community and through local businesses across north Belfast.

The No Hate Here campaign was developed in partnership with a range of statutory agencies and community organisations who work together in north Belfast to support:

  • victims of hate crime, 
  • those who are vulnerable in the community, and 
  • anyone who wants to tackle hate motivated crime. 

The campaign is focused on community groups and local shops and businesses signing up to become partners in this joint initiative. They will receive information packs, window stickers, and training on how to support anyone who approaches them for help.

Our aim is to create a network of local safe spaces where people know they can go for assistance or advice.

If you are interested in finding out more or in signing up to the No Hate Here campaign in north Belfast, please email

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