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Election results 2014

Eligible electorate: 22,017
Total votes polled: 11,360
Percentage turnout:  51.6%

Valid votes: 11,158
Invalid votes: 202

Number of candidates elected: 6
Electoral quota: 1595

Collin is made up of six wards:

  • Dunmurry
  • Ladybrook
  • Lagmore
  • Poleglass
  • Stewartstown 
  • Twinbrook


 Surname First name  Party Status
Bell David  Sinn Féin Elected
Garrett Matt Sinn Féin Elected
Groves Bill Sinn Féin Elected
Heading Brian SDLP - Social Democratic and Labour Party Elected
Magennis Stephen Sinn Féin Elected
O'Hara Charlene Sinn Féin Elected
Burke  Wendy  NI21  Excluded 
Catney  Gerard Alphonsus  Alliance Party  Excluded
Drumm  Máire Éirígí Excluded
Martin Gareth Thomas  UUP - Ulster Unionist Party Excluded
Whinnery Laura  SDLP - Social Democratic and Labour Party Excluded

Download the latest results for Collin - (Excel - 25kb)

Last updated: 7.32pm, Saturday 24 May 2014