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Holiday arrangements

Bin and box collections

Find out more about bin and box collections in our bins section

Usual bin collection date  Your bin will now be collected 
Monday 28 May 2018 As normal
Thursday 12 July 2018 Saturday 14 July 2018
Friday 13 July 2018 Sunday 15 July 2018
Please note: boxes will be collected as normal on Friday 13 July 2018.
Monday 27 August 2018 As normal
Tuesday 25 December 2018 Saturday 22 December 2018
Wednesday 26 December 2018 Sunday 23 December 2018
Tuesday 1 January 2019 Saturday 29 December 2018


For information on bin collections please call 9027 0230.
For information on box collections please call 0800 032 8100.

Recycling centres

 Date Opening hours
Monday 28 May 2018 Normal service
Thursday 12 July 2018 Closed
Friday 13 July 2018 Palmerston and Blackstaff recycling centres open only - 9am - 5pm
Monday 27 August 2018 Normal service
Tuesday 25 December 2018 Closed
Wednesday 26 December 2018 Closed
Tuesday 1 January 2019 Closed

Leisure centres

GLL runs our leisure centres. Find out more about each centre, including opening hours, on the Better website


Community centres


Venue Date Opening hours
Belfast City Hall (building) Monday 28 May 2018 9.30am - 5pm
Belfast City Hall (visitor exhibition) Monday 28 May 2018 9.30am - 5pm
Belfast City Hall (guided tours) Monday 28 May 2018 11am, 2pm and 3pm
The Bobbin Coffee Shop Monday 28 May 2018 9.30am - 5pm
Smithfield Market  Monday 28 May 2018 As normal 

Health and environment

Cemeteries and crematorium

Location Date Opening times
Bereavement Services office Monday 28 May 2018 Closed
Cremation papers for Tuesday 29 May 2018 must be delivered to the office by 11am on Saturday 26 May
Cemetery offices Monday 28 May 2018  Closed 

Service restrictions

Some restrictions will apply to burial and cremation services over holiday periods. These include:
• On Monday 28 May there are no burials or cremations.

Births, deaths, marriages, civil partnerships

 Date Opening hours
Monday 28 May 2018 Closed

Car parks