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Waste Management Plan

We are a member of arc21, a local waste partnership made up of Belfast and five of our neighbouring councils. Arc21 helps the councils bring down the cost of waste treatment and disposal.

Together we have developed a Waste Management Plan for the arc21 area. This plan will ensure each council achieves its relevant statutory duties, recycling targets and provides the facilities needed to manage their waste up to 2020.

Zero Waste Action Plan

Our city, our waste, our future

This booklet gives a snapshot of waste and recycling in Belfast in 2012, with information on how much waste we create, how much we recycle, the types of waste we generate and the areas we most need to improve.

Integrated Quality and Environmental Policy Statement

As part of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)/ Integrated Management System (IMS) and to integrate sustainability into procurement, we have produced a Integrated Quality and Environmental Policy Statement which sets out our commitments to sustainability.

For further information on the ISO/IMS, please call 028 9032 0202 ext 3113. 

Environmental Policy statement (2006)

This statement explains our commitment to protecting the environment and explains what we're doing to improve quality of life for all residents in Belfast.

Green success in Belfast

This document highlights the success of our environmental purchasing policy. It also recognises our suppliers who have included good environmental practices in their business plans and strategies.