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Disability strategy and action plans

Our Disability Action Plan explains how we plan to promote positive attitudes towards disabled people and encourage their participation in public life.

These plans are monitored annually and a report submitted to the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland.

The purpose of the Disability Action Plan 2019 – 2022 is to reaffirm our commitment to the Disability Discrimination Act and place new responsibilities including:

  • Promoting positive attitudes towards disabled people and
  • Encouraging participation by disabled people in public life.

We are required to submit to the Equality Commission a disability action plan showing how we propose to fulfil these duties in relation to our functions.

We will:

  • Allocate all necessary resources in order to build objectives and targets relating to the disability duties into corporate and annual operating plans.
  • Ensure that the disability duties are complied with and the disability action plan effectively implemented.
  • Ensure the effective communication of the plan to staff and provide all necessary training and guidance for staff.
  • Confirm our commitment to submitting an annual report to the Equality Commission on the implementation of the plan as well as carrying out a five yearly review of the plan.
  • Commit to consulting with disabled people when implementing and reviewing the council’s disability plans.
  • Undertake a planned programme of communication and training on the disability duties for all staff and councillors.

Timescale for implementation

The Action Plan outlines the actions and the timescales for the implementation of the action measures we intend to take in order to promote positive attitudes towards disabled people and to encourage the participation of disabled people in public life. The timetable outlines the actions which we will take until March 2022.

Access to information

As part of our commitment to promoting equality of opportunity and good relations, we want to ensure that everyone is able to access the documents we produce. The Disability Action Plan can be obtained from Belfast City Council in alternative formats, including large print, Braille, audio cassette, computer disk, easy read, sign language format and plain language.

More information

This is a summary of our Disability Action Plan. The complete document is available by contacting the Equality and Diversity Unit. 

To request the full document you can email, visit for SignVideo or call us on 028 9032 0202.