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Language Policy

Consultation on Linguistic Diversity Policy

Belfast aims to be a welcoming and inclusive city for all. To help achieve this aim and to meet other best practice guidance and legal requirements, we have developed a Linguistic Diversity Policy.

This outlines our approach to promoting different languages in the Belfast City Council area. It builds on our 2006 Language Policy which has been revised to take account of the changing population and other developments.

We consulted on a new draft Linguistic Diversity Policy from 23 May 2017 to 18 July 2017

The consultation is now closed.

Current Language Policy

We introduced a language policy in response to our increasingly diverse population, and to help our employees deal with all language issues. Our principal language is English, but we must consider demand for other languages when delivering services.

Our policy covers the following areas:

  • we provide sign language at all our functions if you request it
  • if you write to us in Irish, we will reply in Irish and we have set up an Irish voice mail service
  • we can provide interpreters for small meetings if you let us know in advance
  • a language interpreting telephone line in our Registrar of Births, Deaths, Marriages and Civil Partnerships
  • our website is written in plain English and is accessible to people with disabilities
  • all major documents and publications are available in Braille, audio, or large print, if you request it.
  • a dedicated recruitment contact number (028 9027 0396) is in place to assist applicants whose first language is not English

These are just some of the things we have taken in to consideration.

Download current Language Policy

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