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Deputy Lord Mayor


The current Deputy Lord Mayor of Belfast is Councillor Peter McReynolds (Alliance).

Councillor McReynolds represents the Ormiston electoral area. He was elected to office on 21 May 2019.

Duties and responsibilities

As Deputy Lord Mayor, Councillor McReynolds represents Belfast when the Lord Mayor is not available.

However, unlike the Lord Mayor, he continues to serve on council committees during his year in office and combines this work with his mayoral engagements.

Councillor McReynolds also works closely with the Lord Mayor and the High Sheriff on projects and initiatives which help to enhance the profile of Belfast.

Addressing the Deputy Lord Mayor

If you are speaking in public and would like to welcome or introduce the Deputy Lord Mayor, the usual form of address is simply 'Deputy Lord Mayor'. For example, "and so, I'd like to welcome Councillor Peter McReynolds, the Deputy Lord Mayor of Belfast."

If you are speaking to the Deputy Lord Mayor in conversation, the correct title remains 'Deputy Lord Mayor'.

If you would like to write to the Deputy Lord Mayor, you should address your letter to 'the Deputy Lord Mayor, Councillor Peter McReynolds'. You should also begin your letter with 'Dear Deputy Lord Mayor'.

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