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How we use your rates

Your total rates bill is made up of two parts: the regional rate (56%), which goes to central government (NI Executive), and the district rate (44%), which goes to Belfast City Council.

We get £129.72 million from rates but we also receive money from :

  • fees and charges £19.84 million
  • grants £11.33 million
  • other £17.6 million

This means that the Council spends £178.49 million to provide all its services and this is broken down in the table below.

To see how we spend the district rate, type in the amount of your annual rates bill (£), then click on the Calculate button.


Council Management £29,040,323
Bins and recycling £26,844,896
Leisure £28,040,779
Investment programme £16,135,496
Environmental health £13,065,468
Other * £10,173,930
Street cleaning and public toilets £10,423,816
Community services £7,246,694
Maintenance of Council properties £7,942,805
Economic development £7,264,543
Tourism £6,889,714
Culture and heritage £6,604,130
Building control and licensing £3,409,159
Councillors £3,319,914
Cemetery, cremation and mortuary £2,070,484
* The expenditure Other, includes money we spend to generate income in fees and charges.