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How rates are used - Community services

This page shows more detail of how much we spend in this service area.


Children and young people £196,339
Community services £2,980,783
Community support £856,752
Grants £2,427,464
Play centres £606,866
Summer schemes £196,339

Community Services works with community groups, organisations and citizens to build community capacity and to offer front line services and advice to the community sector.

Children and Young People unit

The Children and Young People Unit ensures the safeguarding of children is underpinned by providing the relevant training and support to shape council services.

Community Centres

We have 22 council owned community centres and provide support to 6 independent community run facilities.
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Community Support

The Unit works in partnership with the community sector and residents to increase participation and engagement in community life, promoting active citizenship to improve quality of life within local neighbourhoods and is developing a Volunteering Framework for the Council.


Community Services delivers an extensive Grant Aid programme in partnership with Department of Social Development through the Community Support Plan to help provide advice services, training and play schemes we also provide financial support to cover running costs of community buildings.
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Play Centres

The unit provides six play centres which are managed by qualified and experienced play staff. Activities include after-schools clubs, Saturday clubs and seasonal schemes.
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Summer Schemes

Each year we provided summer schemes in our community and play centres, giving over 1,500 children and young people an opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities and day trips, play safely and make new friends.

This year, Community Services also grant aided 89 summer schemes in Belfast’s voluntary sector to provide summer activities for 7,500 children and young people.

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