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How rates are used - Council Management

This page shows more detail of how much we spend in this service area.


Accommodation £3,766,139
Business related support services £5,497,492
Employee related support services £5,979,415
Finance related support services £3,783,988
IT related support services £6,050,811
Legal related support services £945,997
Council reform £3,034,330


As well as Council owned properties we also rent accommodation which is used for our support services. We are currently reviewing out accommodation in anticipation of additional staff being transferred through Local Government Reform.

Business related support services

This is the back-office support services that enable the front-line services to operate such as purchasing, administration, business planning, etc.

Employee related support services

Providing advice and support on all corporate Human Resources issues including recruitment and selection, staff development, employee relations, job opportunities, work placements and internships & apprenticeships, ensuring an easy transition of staff under Local Government Reform, paying staff and councillors.

Finance related support services

Providing advice, support and monitoring across the organisation for all financial issues such as paying suppliers, receiving money from customers, managing our bank accounts, financial reporting, monitoring budgets, auditing processes to ensure compliance, identifying areas where efficiencies can be attained and managing large value purchasing for the council to ensure value for money.

IT related support services

This service looks after all areas of information technology needs such as technical advice and support, email services, internet services, IT security, service desk, telephone services and the delivery of IT training to council staff as well as external organisations.

Legal related support services

Providing advice and support on all legal issues including strategic city wide projects, local government reform and the development of legally robust social clauses to support the council’s procurement policy.

Council reform

As the 26 councils in Northern Ireland are reduced to 11, the Belfast boundary is increasing and will not only take on services, assets and staff from Castlereagh and Lisburn but there will also be transfer of functions, assets and staff from central government.
We are also conducting a Leisure Transformation Programme alongside Local Government Reform to improve the provision of leisure services within the city.
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